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The Philosophy

We see integrity from the perspective of Technology, Humanity & Science.

Technology is the vehicle that drives us to the destination. We provide the cutting edge technology to bring you most effectively and efficiently. 

Humanity is the principle in bringing the solution. We put the context of diverse aspects of the wisdom of human civilization to our solution to make the best benefit to the community. 

Science is the brain in building the solution. We bring multidisciplinary yet applied science to deliver the most appropriate solution to the world. 

Our solution, brought through the eyes of Technology, Humanity, Science, will proudly create the Integrity of humankind with confidence. We believe the integrity is the best interest not only for you but also for all stakeholders. 

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INTEGRINDOS is an abbreviation of Integritas Indonesia Sejahtera, the company name which is based in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

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What You Need


Enlightening you towards the best result

Technology Solution

Providing the best available options to reach your ultimate goal.

Project Management

Bringing the most efficient & effective delivery

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