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Innovation that yields true values

INTEGRINDOS Finance Middleware is a platform that enhances current Financial Institutions to innovate with minimal risk for delivering seamless financial solutions to its customer. It is an end to end enabler for modern transformation, increasing customer visibility, innovating on products and enlarging the solution ecosystem, all simultaneously at FinTech startup speed

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Financial Solutions

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Current Financial Institution is facing tremendous challenges from the real competition as well as new modern FinTech companies. The needs to rapidly innovate met with difficulties due to the rigidity of existing core infrastructure. Given the industry low Return on Equity (ROE), massive investment on system overhaul or replacement in the Big Bang model for many is not an option, as it is expensive, takes a long time, and very high risk.

Adopting progressive enhancement using standard iterative product development using existing core infrastructure does not meet the rapid time to the market requirement, this kind of compromise is often also very costly. INTEGRINDOS offers a hybrid “greenfield” solution where Financial Institutions can still leverage on current core infrastructure while at the same time adopting modern cloud technologies while staying secure as an on-premise solution.

In the integration model, the middleware allows adoption to a much larger solution ecosystem from Cloud and Software as a Service provider to transaction-based websites (E-Commerce, Logistics, Travel, etc.).

On the capabilities model, the middleware, by using rich data, enhances the customer information to 360 degrees visibility, from comprehensive profile to historical transactions. By using the middleware, product development follows a modern agile model and is highly parameterized where product offering can be developed, simulated/tested and deployed rapidly.

As the middleware is based on a real-time system, adopters can apply advanced pipelines such as analytics and  Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence. These combined capabilities will measurably increase customer satisfaction in product offering varieties, market competitiveness in rapid time to market while improving implementation cost-effectiveness.

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