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The Actionable Framework

Healthcare Ecosystem Interconnectivity (HEI) is the framework that we apply to create innovations for our healthcare clients. The HEI is intended for any healthcare institution to continuously innovate and adapt in given timeframe in every journey.

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Healthcare Solutions

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Entering the Industry Revolution 4.0 era, we are facing a high-speed and dynamic environment in every sector, including healthcare. Despite, awareness of the importance of healthcare analytics, data availability and accessibility are two critical factors affecting the ability to analyze. 

Our Electronic Health Record (EHR) is designed with Big Data infrastructure and fulfilment of the specification of FIHR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources is also the EHR feature. 

Regardless of your current data format - from paper-based to robust EHR, we can provide the complete range of suitable solution from data collection, transformation to integration for analytics purpose. 

With Big Data, we can address the ever-increasing amount of data in healthcare with such characteristic of volume. Cutting-edge technology with Big Data provides a different method of data retrieval variety. Big data also allows us to process data faster, that is velocity, than the current Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). Of course, with all of these advantages, we could bring robust healthcare analytics with flexible interoperability out of the limit.

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